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Henry Parada, chemist and painter.


Henry Parada is a Venezuelan artist, born in Maracaibo in 1951. 


His career in art began serendipitously. A chemical scientist by day, Mr. Parada often stressed when working on research projects, and per the advice of his mentor, he nurtured an interest in the visual arts to relieve said stress. A self-taught artist, Mr. Parada's body of work encompasses his lifelong fascination with geometry, physics, and the science of color and perception, with tridimensional artworks that defy gravity and engage the imagination.


A full-time artist since 2005), Mr. Parada's body of work has been featured in a solo exposition at Gallery 1075 in West Sacramento and Red Umbrellas in San Francisco, and is part of several private collections in the Bay Area. He resides in West Sacramento, CA