Henry Parada, chemist and painter.


I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1951. I spent the first part of my life working as a chemical scientist in Venezuela.  As the work was demanding, I turned to painting and the visual arts to relieve the stress. As a hobbyist, I devoted my spare time to developing my skills.  Much of what I have learned was self-taught.  Then my art work began to appear in group exhibitions.  I won several prizes in painting and photography in Venezuela. Later, I studied for a year Glass Fire Arts with Venezuelan National Prize winner Jose Gabriel Gonzales. In 2003, for political reasons I immigrated to the United States. I had to work as a chemist again for some years. Eventually I gave up my career as a chemist and became a full-time artist.


My work involves geometric shapes, symmetry, high contrast color, use of textures, and optical illusion.  At the moment, I reside in West Sacramento, California.